We are incredibly excited to announce our speakers for our main conference on 21st February 2017! Scroll down to find out more about their 'Ideas Worth Sharing'. 

Marianne Lim Event Co-ordinator

ATishay Mathur

Atishay Mathur is pursuing his MSc in International Development at the University of Edinburgh. He is currently also interning at the UN House in Scotland as a part of the Strategy and Impact Assessment team. Having started his career in advertising working with names like Ogilvy & Mather and McCann Erickson, he went on to work extensively in the development sector in India. His experience of collaborating with governments, donor organisations, implementation partners etc. has led him to talking about how the biggest global challenges can be solved by the simplest solutions.



A self-confessed maverick, Nick Child trained in medicine at the University of Edinburgh, before specialising in child psychiatry and family therapy. Not one to follow the crowd, he broke out from the institution in his work on Parental Alienation Syndrome, an idea that at the time, the institute didn’t even believe in. Building on this experience, Nick strives to encourage the maverick in all of us, and to never let the institution define us.



Photographer, adventurer, writer; barely a year out of university and Oli Broadhead is already making his mark in the adventure world. We like to think of him as the next Alastair Humphreys, and having published articles in international magazines, spoken for the Royal Geographic Society, and accumulated nearly 10K followers on Instagram, our prediction is well on the way to becoming true.




When every other headline seems to announce rising sea levels, melting ice caps, and imminent global disaster, it is easy to feel helpless and overwhelmed. As an advisory on environment and sustainability education to the EU, UNESCO, and UK Commission for the UN amongst others, Peter Higgins knows the importance of changing this rhetoric, and of teaching that saving our planet begins with us.


One of Britain’s Olympic heroes, Polly Swann dropped her university studies to follow a passion for rowing. It was a risk that paid off, seeing her come back from Rio decorated with a silver medal round her neck. Having swapped the boats back for books, the now Edinburgh University medical student is here to talk about her experiences, and the power of following your passion even when the odds may seem against you.



As a graphic designer, Silvia Razakova understands the power of imagery in conveying a message. But also how easily that message can be lost. Through her talk she will challenge us to question the images we see, and in doing so, change the narrative we are told.


Tammy Tibbetts’ Wikipedia page describes her as “an American woman”. We think she is quite a lot more than that, being the founder and president of She’s the First, a charity that focuses on getting the first generation of girls in developing countries to finish secondary education. And we’re not the only ones; Marie Claire, Glamour, TIME and Forbes have all recognised her philanthropic spirit.



Social activist and Youth mentor, Toluwa is currently pursuing her Masters in International Development at Edinburgh university. After working as a Teacher and Mentor with youths at home and abroad, she has decided to further her understanding in how the young demographic can realise and relish in the power within themselves to change their own situation.


Richard White

CEOs don’t have to be un-relatable; dog lover Richard White keeps two of them at his office! More seriously, this entrepreneur, businessman and CEO of property transaction agency Goodlord, knows what it’s like to be at the bottom of the class. But he also knows that this doesn’t have to stop you from reaching your full potential.



Zac Baynham-Herd is a PhD student here at Edinburgh researching how wildlife conservation conflicts with other people’s livelihoods in Northern Tanzania, and how digital technology might offer opportunities for conservation. He speaks a bit of Swahili and occasionally does stand up… sometimes whilst telling jokes.