Student Speakers 2016

 We are incredibly excited to announce our talented student speakers for 2016! These students fought of tough competition for a place in our 6-week speaker development programme and are excited to present their ideas as part of the Student Speaker Choice Awards on Monday 21st November. Read on for more information on each of their unique 'ideas worth sharing' or click here for tickets to hear them speak live! 


LUCy evans: The Art in science 

"But science is creative interlinked with art, so it seems incomprehensible to separate them so early. This is something I realised I wanted to talk about, both because I have a personal relationship with the subject but also because I think it’s universally important."

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Tanaka dube: the pain of foregoing yourself

"We have become so comfortable and complacent in the definitions of ourselves that have been imposed on us through our cultures, society and upbringing. We have become so comfortable and complacent in the exemplifications of what could make us happy. Is this the way we should be?"

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Pat ALTMEyER: don't cry for europa  

"Not all is great in Europe and there is lots of work to be done. But we have come a very long way since about half a century ago. Instead of listening to all kinds of doomsayers lets focus on what has brought us together so far."

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"As a discipline, art history, whilst confined to systems of privilege and wealth, has a major role to play in our understanding of history, culture and moral understanding. Without art history, the moral culpability of the past is lost and unaccounted for."

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"Volunteering is not a holiday and proficient work will require more than just good will, and strangely enough, sometimes you need training to remind you of that.... It may appear to nicely combine time abroad with some self-gratifying social work however it is important to look at it from the point of view of the intended beneficiary."

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Gillian Chin: Dating advice from brexit

"Now, I’m not great with awkward situations. And for me, breaking up is a really awkward situation. So, whenever I feel out of my depth, I do the thing which comes most naturally to me. I researched. And it was when I was searching, that suddenly, Brexit popped up on my news feed."

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Atishay Mathur: Parachutes, my love, could carry us higher

"I borrow the title of my talk from a love poem by Barbara Guest — Parachutes, my love, could carry us higher. It speaks of irrational hope, in times of absolute despair. To me, it also talks of the times that we live in."

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Zoe Anderson: Cooking Away Loneliness

"Eating is powerful. I think we can harness the power in food by sharing our meal times; the three times a day that we can stop what we’re doing, look up, and speak with each other. There are too many lonely people in this city, let’s get eating together!"

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Bill Urquhart: Seeing colour-blindness in a new light

"From my reflection over the years on the subject, there has been one prevailing opinion that I have come to develop. This is that colour blindness is not necessarily a bad thing and it’s unusual to hold an opinion so contrary to popular belief for me. Most people automatically treat it as a mild disability and that it means to see incorrectly. I don’t think this is true."

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Lauren Porter: don't box me in 

"FEAR, PASSION, LOVE , HATE: just a few words to get you looking at my blog post. They’re all are also mentioned in my speech and all I have felt over my topic. I enjoy being able to stand up and proudly speak about disability, I want to change peoples perceptions and their views."

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Zac Baynham-Herd: Swipe Right for Conversation 

"The challenge therefore, is to find way to enable impassioned, but disconnected individuals, across the world to become active conservationists. I believe this can be achieved, and I am currently part of a small team trying to apply innovative digital technologies to make this a reality."

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Nandita Kaza: The anatomy of experience

"Where do they come from, all the lonely people?

The Beatles asked us this question over four decades ago and some of us are still trying to answer it today. But in fact we look closely enough — loneliness is all around us. It is in the classroom, it is on the bus and it is in every hospital ward...Everyone around us has struggled with loneliness at some point and yet more often than not, it goes unnoticed and ignored."

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Antonia Weir: Beyond the Echo

"You see I believe the point is to give, and to try and give yourself whole, so when we turn our hands, hearts and heads to doing things we connect ourselves and can give more truly in full."

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Mohammed Koubani: They gave me an identity crisis

"Yet every now and then as I grew older, something would happen attacking my identity and revealed that I wasn’t viewed or treated equally. Because of my skin colour. Because I was Muslim. Society’s distorted image of me slowly corrupted my own reflection."

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Toluwa Oyeleye: Staying on your lane

"I am talking about the dangers of comparison because i believe somebody, somewhere, especially as students or as a young generation, need to hear this talk and understand the value that lies ahead when you focus on yourself, stay on your lane and not try to be anyone else."

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